Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy have been prepared in Japanese. If there is any discrepancy between the translated version and Japanese version of this document, the Japanese version will prevail.

Privacy Policy

Established on November 21, 2016

We, the Incorporated Association, Organization for International Cross-Cultural Exchange (hereinafter “we” or “us”) understand the importance of personal information we obtain or collect and other personal data in our possession. We will comply with all laws and regulations governing and related to the protection of personal information and make efforts to properly collect, use, and protect the security of the personal information we collect.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

When we acquire personal information, we do so by legal and fair means and make efforts to clearly indicate the purpose of use of the information in order to receive it with your consent.

2.Limitation on Purpose of Use

When we use personal information, we will do so to the extent necessary for our business activities. We will not use personal information for any purpose other than the purpose of use thereof without your consent.

3.Non-Disclosure and Non-Provision to Third Parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information received by us to any third party except where:

  1. 1) your consent is obtained;
  2. 2) we are required to disclose or provide the information in accordance with laws and regulations; or
  3. 3) we need to disclose the information in order to contract out services to the extent you consent to for the achievement of the purpose of use.

When we contract out services, we will enter into an agreement concerning the use of personal information with a contractor to properly manage the information.

4.Management of Personal Information

We make best efforts to prevent any unauthorized access to personal information, email addresses, or the like in our possession, or any loss, leak, or destruction of personal information or any other risk, by operating both a state-of-the-art security system and an information management system for our entire organization.
We will also make efforts to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend the use of any personal data in our possession as soon as possible, and promptly take appropriate measures in accordance with laws and regulations, if requested to do so by the person who has provided the information in question.

The Incorporated Association, Organization for International Cross-Cultural Exchange

[Name of chairman] Shunpei Okamoto

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