Service Policies

These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in Japanese. If there is any discrepancy between the translated version and Japanese version of this document, the Japanese version will prevail.

Policies, Terms and Conditions for Japan Tour Guide (JTG) Services

Article 1.Application of Terms and Conditions

Japan Tour Guide (JTG) (hereinafter the “Service”) is a website service provided by the Incorporated Association, Organization for International Cross-Cultural Exchange (hereinafter “we” or “us”). Users of the Service (hereinafter the “Members”) warrant that they fully understand the details of the Service and agree to these Japan Tour Guide (JTG) Terms and Conditions (hereinafter these “Terms and Conditions”) before using the Service.

Article 2.Amendment of Terms and Conditions

We may, at any time we deem necessary, amend, add, or delete any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions without the consent of the Members. Members agree in advance that we may amend or otherwise modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time and that the terms of use of the Service are governed by these Terms and Conditions posted on the Service at the time of use of the Service. When these Terms and Conditions are to be amended or otherwise modified, the modified Terms and Conditions will come into force when we post them on the Service, provided that we may separately determine the timing in exceptional cases.

Article 3.Details of the Service

Japan Tour Guide (JTG) is a website we operate to match "overseas visitors to Japan who wish to experience local culture, sightseeing, and lifestyle with Japanese persons who wish to participate in international exchange as volunteer guides."

Article 4.Definitions

  1. 1. "Guests" mean persons who seek Guides through the Service.
  2. 2. "Guides" mean persons who provide Guests with guide services through the Service.
  3. 3. "Members" mean persons who submit requests to use the Service either as Guides or Guests.

Article 5.Membership Registration

  1. 1. Membership will be given to any individual who agrees to these Terms and Conditions and submits a request for membership by the procedure we prescribe, after the completion of the prescribed registration procedures. We reserve the right, however, to refuse membership registration to any person whose membership has been revoked in the past or to any person we deem to be unqualified as a Member.
  2. 2. Members will follow the membership registration procedures by themselves. In no event will registration by proxy be accepted.
  3. 3. Only individuals may become Members. Corporations and entities may not become Members.
  4. 4. Only persons eighteen (18) years of age or older may become Members.
  5. 5. The membership registration for Guides and that for Guests are different. Members may not use the Service for Guides and the Service for Guests through the same account.
  6. 6. Members will manage their user IDs and passwords for the Service at their own risk and on their own account.
  7. 7. Members will not assign, lend, or sell their own IDs or passwords for the Service to any third parties.
  8. 8. Members will be responsible and liable for the use and management of their own IDs and passwords. They will also be responsible and liable for any damage arising as a result of their inadequate management or false use of their IDs or passwords or the use of their IDs or passwords by any third parties. In no event will we be responsible or liable for such damage.
  9. 9. If Members find out that their IDs or passwords have been stolen or used by any other company without authorization, they will immediately notify us to that effect and follow our instructions.

Article 6.Suspension and Cancellation of Membership

We may suspend a membership without prior notice if:

  1. (1) a Member breaches these Terms and Conditions;
  2. (2) a Member is a person whose membership registration with the Service was canceled in the past;
  3. (3) a Member is an organized crime group or any other anti-social force; or
  4. (4) we otherwise determine that the registration of a Member is inappropriate.

Article 7.Prohibitions

Persons under the age of eighteen (18) are prohibited from using the Service. In addition, Members are prohibited from performing any of the acts described below when using the Service. If we determine that any Member has performed or is likely to perform any of the acts described below, we may suspend the Member’s use of the Service, delete any of the Member’s registered information without prior notice to the Member, and refuse the use of any service by the Member in the future. We are not responsible or liable for any damage incurred by Members as a result of any action we take pursuant to Article 7.

  1. (1) Posting or registering any false information or information that may lead to misunderstanding;
  2. (2) Infringing intellectual property rights, portrait rights (“shozoken”), privacy rights, or other rights or interests of us, other Members, or any third party;
  3. (3) Breaching laws, or performing any other act that is dangerous or contrary to the public policy
  4. (4) Posting indecent or violent images, or performing any other act that disturbs the general public;
  5. (5) Any act we determine to be the posting of spam;
  6. (6) Imposture;
  7. (7) In the case of a Guide, failing to respond to a message from a Guest for two (2) or more days (forty-eight (48) hours) after a chat room is opened, without posting a notice of the Guide’s absence or unavailability;
  8. (8) Demanding money from any other Member;
  9. (9) Interfering with or hindering the operation of the Service or the use of the Service by any other Member;
  10. (10) Using the Service, or information or data acquired through the Service, for commercial purposes or any other purpose not related to the Service;
  11. (11) Using the Service in any way not approved by us;
  12. (12) Soliciting or encouraging others to engage in illegal acts;
  13. (13) Any exchange of direct communications between a Guest and Guide outside the Service before a chart room is opened, or the posting of any personal information that enables such communication, such as an email address, telephone number, or SNS account;
  14. (14) Using the Service to arrange business activities, the sale of merchandise to other Members, solicitation, or any other purpose to make profits;
  15. (15) In the case of a Guide, refusing to provide a Guest with guide service after a chat room is opened;
  16. (16) Any request by one (1) member for membership registration for more than one (1) Member;
  17. (17) Soliciting sexual encounters, compensated dating, or prostitution, or any other act for the purpose of arranging sexual encounters;
  18. (18) Any other act we determine to be inappropriate.

Article 8.Change of Registered Information

If there is any change to the facts registered with us, we request that the registered information be promptly updated. We are not responsible or liable for any damage incurred as a result of a failure to update the registered information.

Article 9.Handling of Personal Information

We respect the privacy of the Members. For details, read our Policy for the Protection of Personal Information.

Article 10.Consent to Provide Personal Information to Third Parties

When using the Service, Members consent to the provision of their information from us to third parties in advance if:

  • - the Members themselves disclose their personal information to any other Members through the use of their public profiles or other functions of the Service, or by any other means.

Article 11.Prohibition of Assignment of Rights and Obligations of Members

Members are prohibited from assigning or pledging their memberships in the Service or rights and obligations arising from their memberships to any third party.

Article 12.Registration and Service

No membership fees will be charged to Guides or Guests. Guides and Guests may use the Service free of charge. If Guides and Guests make no specific agreements on the sharing of costs in advance, they will bear their own costs and expenses for transportation and meals.

Article 13.Effective Term of Chat Room

A chat room shall remain open and usable from the date of matching for the service arranged in the chat room up to the seventh (7th) day following the date on which the Guide provides the service. Please note that no posting will be accepted after the expiration of the effective term. *You will only be authorized to browse a chat room after the expiration of the effective term.

Article 14.Restriction on the Date Requested for Guide Services

The date requested for the provision of service from a Guide shall be within eighty-nine (89) days from the date of the request. We do not accept any request from a Guest to arrange for services to be provided by a Guide ninety (90) or more days after the date of the request.

Article 15.Interaction with Other Members

Members will assume all responsibilities and liabilities when interacting with other Members. We will not be responsible or liable for any behavior of Members.

Article 16.Remuneration of Guides

No remuneration will be paid to Guides, even if they are the licensed guide interpreters set forth in the Licensed Guide Interpreters Act. Requests or demands for money from Guests, including tips, are prohibited. If, however, a Guest offers to pay costs and expenses incurred when a Guide performs services, including costs and expenses for meals or transportation, the Guide may accept the offer at his or her discretion.

Article 17.Comments and Individual Messages


Guides may comment on individual requests for a Guide according to the procedures prescribed by us. The comments of the Guides will be disclosed on the Service.

2. Individual

Messages Members may send or receive individual messages among themselves after a chat room is opened. Only the senders and recipients of individual messages are authorized to read the messages.

Article 18.Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Other Rights

Patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, and other rights with respect to the Service will belong to us or any duly authorized third party.

Article 19.Indemnity

Patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, and other rights with respect to the Service will belong to us or any duly authorized third party.

  1. 1. We will not be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect trouble or damage arising out of the use of the Service by Members, unless such damage is caused by any willful misconduct or gross negligence by us.
  2. 2. We in no way warrant the reliability of the system of the Service.
  3. 3. We will not be responsible or liable for any online or offline transaction, communication, dispute, or the like arising between Members or between Members and third parties with respect to the Service.
  4. 4. In no event will we be responsible or liable for the use of links to other websites included on our website.

Article 20.Suspension, Modification or Discontinuation of Service

  1. 1. We may, at any time we deem necessary, suspend, modify, or discontinue all or part of the Service without notifying the Members in advance.
  2. 2. If any delay or suspension occurs in the provision of the Service, we will not be responsible or liable for any damage incurred by the Members or a third party as a result of the delay or suspension.

Article 21.Withdrawal from Membership

Members who wish to withdraw from membership shall promptly request to withdraw. Such Members will be deemed to have withdrawn from membership upon completing the prescribed procedures for withdrawal from membership. Once a chat room is opened, Members may not withdraw from membership until the lapse of the agreed date on which a Guide provides the service as requested. Before commencing procedures for withdrawal from membership, Guests are required to cancel all their guide requests already submitted and Guides are required to cancel all their guide offers already submitted. Please note that it may take one (1) week or longer to complete the procedures for withdrawal from membership.

Use the following email address for any inquiry regarding withdrawal from membership:


Article 22.Disputes with Other Members or Third Parties

Members will be responsible and liable to resolve any dispute arising between them and other Members or third parties. In no event will we be responsible or liable for such dispute. Any party involved in a dispute will resolve the dispute at its own risk and on its own account and will be obligated to report to us on the progress of the dispute if we so request.

Article 23.Severability

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid under laws and regulations, the other provisions hereof will remain in force. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is cancelled or determined to be invalid between us and any Member, these Terms and Conditions will remain in force between us and other Members.

Article 24.Assignment

If we assign any business with respect to the Service to any other company, we may assign our status under a services agreement and our accompanying rights and obligations hereunder, as well as the registered information of Members or any other customer information, to the assignee of the business at the time of assignment of the business. For purposes of this Article, Members will be deemed to have agreed to the assignment in advance. The assignment of business specified in Article 25 includes not only ordinary business assignment, but also assignment by way of a company split and any other action or event by which our business passes from us.

Article 25.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions will be interpreted under the laws of Japan. If the need arises to file a lawsuit with respect to these Terms and Conditions, we and the Members agree that the Tokyo District Court of Japan will have exclusive jurisdiction over the lawsuit as the court of the first instance.

Article 26.Provisions

Nov 21, 2016: Established and excuted

Apr 19, 2017: Updated